Boudoir shoots


A woman’s bedroom or small private room.

For a woman to say she felt relaxed, sexy and confident during a boudoir shoot, is one of the finest compliments a photographer can receive.

We all have body hang ups in one way or another, each and every one of us, whether you are male, female, tall or short.  We are all unique in our builds and looks, but equally we are all beautiful and should learn to love ourselves for what we are, not what the media leads us to believe what or what isn’t socially acceptable or desirable.

I’ve now shot three Boudoir sessions, and each shoot was completely different in terms of motive and surroundings, however they all resulted in the clients loving what they saw, this was their time to shine and step out of their comfort zone and reveal their inner ‘goddess’ as it were, that in most cases are hidden from the day to day lives and routines that we lead.

Boudoir sessions aren’t just limited to ladies, they are also open to men too, these are becoming commonly known as ‘Boudoir’ shoots

Why would people choose to have a shoot like this?   Well, why not??

Common motives for shoots are Birthday, anniversaries, Valentines gifts, Or a gift for a brides husband to be on the morning of the wedding say.    Other motives for shoots are to boost ones confidence and self esteem, or to celebrate a particular fitness or weight loss regime.  Whatever your reason as to why you may consider a shoot such as this is totally yours and yours alone.

The location of the shoots are also something that can make it unique, whether it be in your home, bedroom or even in a Hotel, the shoot will become tailored to you.

During a shoot you will be put at complete ease, I often encourage clients to bring along a friend, partner or general chaperone, especially in situations where I may not have an assistant on set, as this helps to create a more relaxed and comfortable environment, after all you’re the star of the show, that last thing anybody needs to feel a sense of discomfort.

The outfits you choose to wear are entirely up to you, and how much skin you wish to reveal is also at your discretion, this is your moment, lets bring out the best in you..  You can be assured that whatever your brief, a light, fun and respectful atmosphere will be created, why not even bring along your favourite CD?

We can even bring in a hair and makeup artist to make you really feel pampered.

For packages and information why not contact me and let me know your ideas.

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