So, you want to model?


Lets keep this brief

If you’re reading this page it’s probably is because you’re interested in becoming a model, be it either for a career or simply for fun.   There are many kinds of models:  fashion, commercial and glamour are the major divisions, where do you see yourself?

Coming from a radio background, I used to work with professional voiceovers daily and sometimes I would be approached by people who wanted to get into the industry because they’ve been told or felt they had a nice voice, though that may be true, when it comes to stepping up to the mic, here is where we discovered that it really wasn’t that simple.

You may have the look, but do you know how to exploit your best features? Do you recognise your strengths and weaknesses? Whilst in front of the camera will you naturally shine or will you shrink and withdraw?  Although these are natural questions to ask, they are also questions that can be overcome by knowing where you are at the start of your journey.  If you have the passion and self confidence then you will shine in your own right and with continues experience you will also grow and develop your own style which could be just what the next agency maybe looking for.

As it’s especially rare to simply be approached by a talent scout in the street, you will have to start looking to create a portfolio of your work. These ideally should be quality professional photos rather than snaps or those ‘pouty’ selfies taken on your smart phone.  By the way please don’t ‘duck pout’ ever, this really isn’t a good look!   There are a couple of ways you can start your portfolio. You can book a photographer who’s work you admire to create your first images, or you can contact photographers and ask if they would be interested in a ‘TFP’ (trade for prints) booking. This means that both you and the (usually amateur) photographer collaborate in creating images that you can both take away and use for your own portfolios. Don’t be offended if they say no, a thick skin is also a requirement.

Look to work with as many different photographers as possible, with so many different visions, techniques and skills you will surly get a mixed bag of images rather than one particular style.

As you build you portfolio you’ll also be gaining valuable experience in a shooting environment, be it in a studio or on location, either way you will be learning by your inevitable mistakes to begin with.



Learn from others

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others, as a photographer I’m constantly learning and looking to others for inspiration, it’s the only way we can develop, and as an aspiring model so should you.

The way you simply hold yourself, your posture or even knowing how to hold your hands can make the difference between average and great, that fine attention to detail is key.

Will you be a subject that requires constant direction from the photographer, or will you know how apply yourself to the situation with your own ideas?  This instinct will come with experience, Again study the work of others and look at these details, they will become clear and obvious.

Being a model is like any other job – you have to bring the right skills and attitude to it.  Without that, you are doomed to failure.  Among the things that help make for a successful career:



Become a brand

 The very nature of being a model is working to the requirements of the set brief and vision of others, however you can still develop your own brand. this can be achieved by setting up social media profiles separate to your private ones; Facebook, Instagram and twitter for example. By choosing to use your own name or create a stage name is up to you, but showcase your work, keeping people up to date, and more importantly let your images do most of the speaking whilst also letting your  personalty shine, if your followers are interested in you, then they are no doubt interested in you as a person too.

To start this journey wont be a freebie by any means, whilst some opportunities will provide hair and make up services prior to the shoot, you will most likely have to  invest in your own appearance before a shoot as well as investing your time in creating your brand and portfolio. It will be hard work, there will be knock backs as this is a highly competitive industry, but most importantly just enjoy what you do.

There will be a point where you feel that you have achieved your goals in terms of experience, you have a sufficient portfolio of work, and should you decide to take it further, you can approach agencies, if you’re lucky enough they may well add you to either books, or you may wish to run your own bookings etc, however avoid any agency that require any joining or annual fees.


Yes Pictures are everything!

If you want to book a starter portfolio session from as little as £150, then get in touch here and tell me your ideas

Good luck.