Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode

Does Whatever A Spider Can

This isn’t not my usual photo related type blog however being a long time Marvel / Superhero and of course Spider-Man fan, the release of thePS4 exclusive Spider-man game was a must. So just for fun, here goes.

I’m so in love with this game, the attention to detail is crazy.  A really cool feature in the game is ‘Photo Mode’ whereby at any time you can hit the photo mode and simply pause the action, compose the angle with complete 360 camera rotation, zoom and pan.  The skies the limit as far as your imagination goes to make the perfect image, so being a photographer of course I had to have have a quick go… Hours later here is what I came up with.

Music credit – Spiderman Theme (From the Original Score for Classic 1967 Cartoon Series “Spider-Man”) Dominik Hauser Superheroes Assemble!: The Special Edition – Themes from the World’s Mightiest Heroes of Film, TV and Comic Book! Soundtrack

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